Questions from Dekan

Where do you see the product going over the next 12 months?

From a MVP state we’d like to roll out the app to DAOs and/or people in our network to learn whether it can help them with the decentralized orchestration flow. Ideally, we have an protocol and a product, where you could either use the app or integrate the smart contracts. Integration with other DAO tools; Coordinape (opens in a new tab), DeWork (opens in a new tab), HATS (opens in a new tab), and Collabland all come to mind.

How are you building FUX vs other attempts at on-chain workstream 'orchestration flow'?

A quick comparison can be made with Coordinape (opens in a new tab), which is not fully on-chain We build FUX as a protocol, so others could connect to our Coordination LEGO and use it to augment reputation, availability , evaluation and rewards systems.

  • Reputation: FUX given combined with value-add evaluation
  • Availability: How many FUX do you have to give?
  • Evaluation: Peer evaluation of workstream value-add
  • Rewards: Receive vFUX and possibly a portion of the funding, relative to the vFUX received

Where is the most exciting experimentation in this happening currently? Which projects? What inspires you here?

Is this a passion project? Or are the intentions to try to build FUX into a long term project?

Intended to be a long-term public goods project to help DAOs, quadratic freelancers and other web3 native entities coordinate, commit and deliver.