Welcome to FUX


Fundamentally we want to work on human coordination. Specifically, we want to help people manage their most valuable asset, their attention. FUX is a tool built for DAOs and Individuals to manage attention across varied workstreams and linking compensation directly to value created. With FUX, workstream coordinators can accurately manage a contributor’s available bandwidth, assess the value generated and disperse compensation relative to value creation. Contributors can manage their own bandwidth and assess the ability they have to take on new work.

Why FUX?

The froth of the last bull cycle brought a lot of energy and attention to the web3 world. There was an explosion of ideas from seemingly limitless possibilities backed by abundant capital. Mismanagement of this attention and overcommitment resulted in countless stories of smart and dedicated contributors burning out, over-promising, and under-delivering. DAOs and projects were left with unmanageable timelines and unmet goals. The contributors that fell into this trap were unable to properly account for their attention, carried away by passion and possibilities. The project leaders and communities had no way to assess the bandwidth of the contributors they were placing their faith into. The ecosystem as a whole suffered.

What is FUX

FUX Protocol is a tool for individuals and DAOs that will enable the accounting of attention (bandwidth). The FUX flow goes through a commitment stage and then a resolution stage. In the commitment stage, individuals will commit portions of their attention to workstreams established by DAOs or projects via the FUX dashboard. This will provide visibility to an individual’s allocation of their bandwidth and a sanity step to prevent over-committing. DAO in general and Workstream owners specifically, will create workstreams and invite collaborators to assign their attention to said workstream. Through the FUX dashboard managers will be able to see the allocation of potential contributors’ attention before entrusting them with their project’s work.

FUX aims to be a public good for all web3 entities, facilitating coordination, commitment, and delivery processes. It is an onchain and open-source coordination Lego to be integrated with other DAO tools.

Who is FUX for?

FUX is built for 3 kinds of users

1. Coordinator (workstream owners/ orchestrators)

  • Through FUX managers of workstreams can decide on who to place their resources into. Through visualizing the bandwidth of contributors, managers will be able to quickly confirm who has the capacity to take on the work they offer.
  • For the integrated post-mortem evaluation of value creation from team members (ala Coordinape (opens in a new tab)) and mechanism for dispersion of compensation

2. Contributors (participants)

  • To manage their contributions and bandwidth. Through providing a dashboard wherein a user can visualize their contributions and have the ‘tangible’ feedback of committing to workstreams. Numerically representing the amount of attention that a person has there will be a hard check before a person overextends themselves

  • To keep the record of workstreams that they have contributed to and the value that they created.

  • To provide the metric for representing the ratio between a contributor's attention and the value created. This metric will help disassociate value created from hourly rate.

3. DAO’s (bird’s eye)

  • To compensate and evaluate contributors
  • To gather high impact data gathering; record of all contributors to DAO workstreams, human resources applied to workstreams, individual contributor performance and peer evaluation